Historical tours

Everyone has own purpose to visit Uzbekistan, but it is definitely worth to do it once in life. There are many reasons: centuries-old history of this sunny patch of Earth, sights of ancient countries, medicine, shopping, sport tourism, nature, architecture and landscape. Beforehand preparation of rest, the planning of a tour and responsible attitude to a trip are the most general goals of a tourist. Our team will be glad to help you.

Initially, it is necessary to find and choose the most appropriate tour to Uzbekistan for you. We will be definitely glad to give you an advice. We will be sensitive to your needs, will determine your purposes to visit Uzbekistan together and will help you to get the greatest pleasure from your travel. Our tour operator will accept an application and compile detailed action plan with you. You just have to collect the luggage and wait for a moment when you can to deep into the intrinsic world of East.

You can entrust us all your troubles concerning getting the tickets, reservation of a room in the hotel, transportation and finding a guide. We will solve all matters that are overriding for a travelling, and our team will offer you all conditions that are suitable for you, as everyone has unique need. ‘Atlanta Travel’ has been successfully managed with these tasks for a long time.