Hotels in Termez

One of the hottest cities of Uzbekistan called Termez which once was a part of the Great Silk Road nowadays still remains hospitable to tourists from around the world as it was many centuries ago.

Despite the fact that the list of hotels in the city of Termez is not rich as in the other regions of the Republic, still tourists can choose the hotels depending on their preferences. Generally, hotels in the city can be divided into premium class and standard class.

Visitors can relax in spacious overhead luxury rooms in European style with modern equipment and luxurious comfortable furniture in the premium hotels. Also such hotels provide the guests with a diet of high-quality fresh products and dishes of different cuisines. Service in these hotels is adjusted to the requirements of in international standards.

For those who prefer relatively simple residence, Termez offers small and comfortable hotels, where the rooms are equipped with only most necessary furniture and appliances, fresh linens, and friendly staff members.

Those tourists who need minimum requirements choose guest houses where they can occupy a small room with a bed for the night.