Remarkable Sights of Samarkand

Samarkand is one of the most ancient cities in Uzbekistan and it is called the "Pearl of the Orient" by right. This small and neat town became the center of culture development in the republic. Many architectural monuments of Samarkand are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The symbol of the city is undoubtedly the Registan Square. Three famous madrasahs - Ulugbek, Sher-Dor and Tilla-Kori are majestically standing in the town and represent architectural development of XV-XVII centuries. Also, a monumental building of the Bibi-Khanum, built by the orders of Amir Timur in honor of his beloved wife, enveloped by many legends, evokes additional interest among tourists.

Not far from the mosque there is Shahi Zinda construction which almost adjoins with the residential area.

It is worth to mention the tomb of Timurid Gur-Emir where the world-famous commander Amir Timur lies.

Religious people who arrive in Samarkand firstly try to visit the mausoleum of the prophet Daniel which is surrounded by legends.

We can talk about the sights of Samarkand endlessly, but it is much better to visit this fascinating and mysterious city.

Koni Ghil Silk Paper Workshop

Here at “Meros” 8 kilometers from Samarkand in the village of Koni Ghil the artisans have revived this ancient tradition of silk hand-made paper production and reintroduced Samarkand paper to the world. With the help of UNESCO and JICA a water mill has been constructed.

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The ancient Afrosiab (7-2 centuries BC) is situated in the North of Samarkand. The local population named this place according to the legend about existence of the big city here, established by the mythological governor of Turan - Afrosiab.

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Imam Al-Bukhari Complex

In 12 km from Samarkand there is Imam Al-Bukhari Complex. Imam Al-Bukhari Complex was born in Bukhara in the 9-th century, and was buried near Samarkand.

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Ensemble of Hoji Akhror

Hoji Akhror was a head of Sufism order of Naqshbandi. Many governors of that time considered him as a spiritual teacher. Thanks to his efforts, cruel taxes were cancelled in Movoraunnahr.

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