One of the biggest attractions in Uzbekistan, a small city- museum, Khiva has a number of restaurants and catering establishments with a bright regional flavour. Simple cafes with no frills and premium art restaurants can be found in this small town. The most popular dishes in Khiva are lagman and shashlyk made according to special recipes.

Most Khiva’s restaurants are located inside famous remarkable sights. Therefore, Khiva’s delicious food can be eaten looking at the gorgeous courtyard of medieval East style. Moreover, in the evenings local national bands often performs with concerts in restaurants.

Almost all the restaurants in Khiva are focused on tourists; hence, staff in all catering places is fluent in both English and Russian languages, welcoming, clean and tidy. All restaurants in Khiva aim to ensure that guests from abroad would be able to enjoy the food and relax in a cozy atmosphere.

Yasaul Bashi Restaurant

Address: Islam Hodja st.
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Restaurant in the Hotel Malika Kheyvak

Address: 10, Islam Hoja
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National House Zerafshan apa

Address: Pahlavon Makhmud, 44
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Mirza Boshi Restaurant

Address: Pahlavan Makhmud st.
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Birgumbaz Restaurant

Address: P Koriy st.
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Khorezm Art Restaurant

Address: Madrasah Allakuli Han st.
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