In order to visit a huge number of architectural monuments of Samarkand you have to spend lot of time and effort. Therefore, the city offers tourists to visit local restaurants for intermediate recuperation. The restaurants of Samarkand not only give you an opportunity to gain some strength, but also to spend some time in a relaxed atmosphere with live music. While in summer time, some restaurants offer short (Khan's) tables right on the green lawn.

In Samarkand the most demanded dish from local cuisine is Samarkand pilaf and "gulmanty" (dumplings in the form of flowers). These dishes are considered to be an authentic Samarkand cuisine and you can taste them in almost every traditional restaurant of the city.

For guests who would like to spend their time in the native local style atmosphere, there are special art cafes and restaurants designed in oriental style with the interior transmiting national spirit.

Guests who want to taste dishes of the European cuisine also have an opportunity to choose from several restaurants available in the city. They can enjoy European dishes, salads, and wine under live saxophone melody.

Generally, Samarkand’s restaurants offer democratic prices and high quality service.