Restaurants Of Uzbekistan

People, who visited Uzbekistan, know that this country is famous not only because of the historical sights but also due to welcoming guests in cafes and restaurants in major cities of Uzbekistan.

Foreign guests are always under positive impression from Uzbek restaurants and cafes since almost every restaurant has its own conceptual atmosphere, taking into account the service, interior of the place, variety of dishes and their serving.

There are a number of restaurants with eastern concept for those guests who are interested in the Uzbek cuisine. Everything, starting from the facade finishing with the design meets traditional oriental style: traditional entrance portals, arches, fountains and deck chair, short (Khan) tables, decorated with satin material. These restaurants offer a menu where only Uzbek dishes (pilaf, samsa, shashlyk, shurpa or mastava) are presented.

Also, there a number of restaurants with European atmosphere for those guests who prefer European cuisine. In the menu of such restaurants you can find steaks, cream soups, and even seafood dishes. Some restaurants take into account differences in customer tastes and offer a combined menu which contains, both local and European cuisine.

Guests who enjoy Far Eastern cuisine can visit Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants. There they always can enjoy a high-quality sushi, rolls, and other traditional dishes of Far Eastern cuisine.