Music festival Shark Taronalari

03.01.2017, 08:49

The 10th Annual International Music festival Shark Taronalari has started in ancient Samarkand. The main place, where the festival takes place is Registan Square, where the technical group of National broadcasting activities of Uzbekistan is working and has a main task to ensure the online translation of the festival.

The Registan Square, the Tigers’ square, the amphitheatre “Mu’jiza”, the Central Park of culture and recreation of Alisher Navoi, where main events of the festival shall take place, have been solemnly decorated. On the streets of the city and on the public transport, everyone can see billboards of the festival with its emblem. The fronts of the city buildings are festively painted. There are places where those who love classical music meet with the participants of the festival. They are in the amphitheatre “Mu’jiza”, “Nihol”, in the recreation park “Yoshlik” named after Alisher Navoi in Samarkand as well as in the recreation park of Pastdargom, in mahallyas “Kirkdarhon” of Akdarya district? “Obod Turmush” of Samarkand district, in the music and art school of Djambay district.

The following places of interest are included in the tour program: Amir Temur mausoleum, memorial complex of Imam al-Bukhari and Afrosiab museum. On each of this site the exhibitions of pieces of national applied art shall be held. The best hotels of the city are ready to accept the participants and guests of the festival, such as Afrosiab, President-Palace, Registan-Palace, Sherdor. These hotels have all facilities for the comfortable accommodation and rest of the guests. There is a special program, developed exclusively for the guests of the festival according to which the special tours over the architectural monuments and places of interest of ancient city, cultural events, meetings, concerts will be organized.