A legend about the khan-atlas

One of legends about the khan-atlas says: In ancient times the governor of Margelan decided to marry in the fifth time. He decided to choose to himself as a wife a daughter of one poor weaver. The afflicted father of the girl begged to leave the daughter. Then the khan told that will forget about the girl if the weaver creates something unusual and beautiful. The puzzled father sat for a long time long time at an ashore of aryk and didn't know what to do. Unexpectedly he saw reflection of clouds which were painted after a rain in all colors of a rainbow in water. The weaver understood what he will create, that idea made him happy and he ran home to get on with work.

By the morning, he weaved on a seen image a fine and easy fabric which was poured by all flowers of a rainbow. The weaver hastened to the shah, the shah saw this surprising fabric and he was bewitched by its beauty. He was curious and he asked the master: "How did he create this miracle?". The weaver told that he took leaves of trees which were washed by a rain, added petals of tulips, sun patches of light, a blue of heavens and shine of eyes of his daughter and mixed all that. To this delightful fabric entitled "khan atlas" ("hansky silk"), and the khan gave the beauty daughter of the weaver away in marriage to a beloved son.