A legend about Minaret Kalan

The highest tower in Central Asia «Minaret Kalan» in Bukhara , it is called also as "Death Tower". In the days of old guilty people were dumped from it. There is a set of legends about this tower. In ancient times many people were executed, via being dumped from its top. We will tell you one of the legends, connected with this tower.

Once there lived one cruel shah, he was a bad and dissolute governor. The shah's wife always helped people and tried to rectify situation in the state. She, as well as all were afraid of the shah and did everything secretly, but the husband learned about secret of the wife and became angry. The shah decided to push off the poor woman from «Death Tower». However his wife was a clever woman and asked the husband to execute her last desire. The shah agreed and on day of execution she put on all the dresses and skirts.

All people came to say goodbye to the patroness and stood round a minaret. The woman surely rose by top of the tower and when she jumped off, there was a miracle, she didn't die, as her dresses were inflated with a parachute and allowed her to land smoothly. After that courageous act the shah pardoned the wife and rescinded a sentence.