Hotels in Uzbekistan

Every year thousands of tourists are coming to Uzbekistan to get closely acquainted with the traditional culture of the East and visit major historical sights of its cities. Therefore, all necessary conditions are established in Uzbekistan to ensure that foreign visitors would spend their time in absolute comfort.

A variety of hotels are operating in cities of Uzbekistan in order to meet and satisfy all the preferences of foreign guests. Five-star modern hotels, with large rooms in the central areas of cities, are available for the most demanding visitors, who enjoy luxury and cozy lifestyle. Such hotels always have their own parking site and restaurants. Normally, rooms are equipped with modern comfortable furniture and all necessary equipment, while the service provided by the hotels corresponds to the international standards.

For those who perceive the hotel as night quarters, there are small but comfortable hotels in a form of hostels near the central areas. They are distinguished by minimalism and a nice friendly atmosphere. Moreover, some of the hostels are built in national oriental style; so, the spirit of the East would not leave the guests even during their passive rest.

There are many cases when guests arrive in Uzbekistan under working circumstances, for example, for business events such as conferences, presentations, or training sessions. Therefore, for such guests many hotels provide meeting rooms equipped with large round tables, projectors, screens, and audio system.

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