Fergana Hotels

Guests arriving in Uzbekistan often visit its "satin capital": the Fergana Valley. This city is famous for friendly welcoming of tourists from all over the world. Therefore, a variety of hotels in different parts of the city (and in the whole valley as well) are provided for comfortable pastime of visitors.

Most the hotels in Fergana are not very pomp and imperial; however, they provide guests with all necessary conditions. Hotels are equipped with comfortable furnishings and spacious rooms with Wi-Fi, buffet for breakfast, and of course guests would be satisfied with friendly and helpful staff. During hot summer days you can spend time in cool gardens or outdoor swimming pools in the hotels.

In general, hotels in Fergana can be divided into two types: one for undemanding visitors who are satisfied with minimal conditions (good sleep and good food), and the other hotels are for those who would like to reside in luxury rooms decorated by European standards, with an outstanding design solution for interior and equipped with only modern appliances.

The most famous hotels in Fergana are hotel “Asia Fergana”, hotel “Club 777” and the premium hotel “Bogishamol”.

As in many other cities in Uzbekistan, there is a hotel in Fergana which design resembles the style of the medieval East: thehotel “Khudoyar Khan”, named after one of the khans of Kokand khanate.