Varakhsha Palace

Varakhsha Palace

When you look at an ancient city of Varakhsha, you automatically start to think about the lives of pre-Islamic period. After all, murals of Varakhsha acquaint us with the former reality. Here we can see the paintings that depict people, animals, and world. These murals were made approximately in VII-VIII century A.D.

You can learn lots of interesting facts from written sources about the city of Varakhsha. For instance, Narashahi, the historian of that time, wrote that the palace of Bukhara rulers was so strong and unique in the city. This architectural masterpiece was the first monument of architectural palace during pre-Arabian times. This palace is the only architectural construction of the archaeologically famous Sogd.

Political situation, which prevailed in the country in the last centuries followed many independent principalities led to the start of construction of palace.

Varakhsha Palace was built in V century A.D. and was a well-organized construction. It is situated at the southern fortress wall of Varakhsha. The palace had three halls, namely, Eastern, Red and Western.

The walls of all rooms were decorated by clay adobe pitch. In the East Room of the south wall the pitch was expanding, which resulted in a broad platform. In the Red Room to the south elevation brow had intended for the braziers and lamps. Overlap in the halls was made of wood, such as darbazi.

You can see extensive courtyard near exit of the halls. The territory of the yard was decorated by burnt brick. Three steps were leading to the southern part of the yard.

It should be noted that the walls of halls were decorated by spectacular scene. There was a picture of the royal reception, where the king sat on his throne. Also, one could see on the walls the scenes of hunting wild and fantastic animals.