Mausoleum of Sayfitdin Boharzi

Mausoleum of Sayfitdin Boharzi

During XIII-XIV centuries the Mausoleum of Sayfitdin Boharzi was erected over the burial of Bukhara Sheikh Sayfitdin Boharzi.

Mausoleum is attracting with its graceful forms and dimensions. It lets us know about the evolution of the world architecture. The mausoleum is presented in the form of a complex building. Here you can find a vault, tomb and room of remembrance – zierathona. The profile of the building creates two domes. The monument is unique by absence of external and internal decoration. However, the monument is rich by decorative elements. There is luxurious tombstone in the room of tomb (gurhana). It depicts the multi-dimensional drawings; there are Arabic inscriptions and floral design.

Currently, the existing mausoleum was erected in the second half of XIV century.

Mausoleum of Sayfitdin Boharzi illustrates innovation of masters. Here you can see the desire of masters to know something new and unusual. For example, you can see the transition from a square base of the zierathona in the dome sphere to area of octagonal shape. And vast expanse of space is locked by calm bowl of dome.

Over time, the mausoleum was not able to withstand the severity of the most complex designs. As a result, it began to fall apart. In the 60s of last century, the monument was restored. Restorers were able to save the architectural masterpiece due to archival materials. However, the element was stronger and the earthquake in 1976 almost destroyed the dome.