Necropolis Chor Bakr

Necropolis Chor Bakr

The necropolis Chor-Bakr is in the settlement Sumitan of the Bukhara area. It was formed on the basis of burials khoja Abu-Bakra Sajad and imams Abu-Bakra Ahmed, their activity refer up the time of Islam formation in Bukhara.

Chor-Bakr is the city of burials. There in a big territory which is enclosed with high walls is located a family tomb of dzhuybarsk sheikhs of the Sufi Order "Naqshbandi".

The main constructions of a necropolis are included into the central complex which includes tekke, a mosque and a madrasah. A minaret gives a scale to buildings. Khazira a narrow path conducts to the funeral family court yards. To brick fencings of the court yard entrance are adjoined portals - darvaza and ayvans of funeral mosques.

Dzhuybarsk`s khodjas were keepers of esteemed burials - mazars. Well-known ancestors of dzhuybarsk khodjas dynasty was famous Islam Khodja (died in 1563) who took care of Abdullah Khan II (gov.1561-1598) since childhood of a future governor.

The major burial in this place is the grave of Khodja Abu Bakr Sad which for 20 years there had been an instructor of the governor of Bukhara Abdullah Khan II. After the death of Islam Khodja, Abdullah khan II, immortalized a name of the instructor, having constructed near his grave, a complex, namely a mosque, a tekke, a madrasah, a necropolis and a big beautiful garden. The necropolis is a place of pilgrimage of Muslims.