Bolo Hauz Mosque

Bolo Hauz Mosque

In Bukhara next to the fortress there is a central square Registan. In old times there were mosques, palaces, trading tents, offices other buildings. Today from this ensemble of constructions remained only the complex Bolo Hauz.

Bolo-Hauz includes a mosque, a minaret, and also a pond – Hauz, it entitled a complex. The name of a pond means «a children's reservoir». This reservoir is one of the remained ponds of Bukhara.

The mosque Bolo-Hauz was erected at the beginning of the XVIII century. It is very magnificent and graceful mosque, it is decorated with 20 columns made of wood. The carved ceiling which is covered with picturesque paints of different flowers and shades leans on them. These columns are reflected in the pond and consequently a mosque still named as «a mosque with forty columns». Once this mosque was the main city mosque. On Friday pray there arrived the emir of Bukhara.

Next to the mosque is located a small minaret it was constructed in 1718. A spell ago it was similar to the Tower of Pisa, and was falling in a slowed-up way. When the tilt angle reached an intense point, the minaret was straightened. Today it appears before in the same look as three centuries ago.

Currently the mosque continues to function and here nearly everyday pass prayers.