Kalyan Mosque

Kalyan Mosque

Kalyan Mosque - is a unique construction of Bukhara, which is part of the architectural ensemble of Kalyan.

Cathedral mosque during its time was actively involved in the life of the city. Thousands of Muslims everyday were coming to the mosque. However, sometimes the mosque could not resist the flow of the faithful, and the building periodically was collapsing, taking with destruction many lives. The mosque was built over and over again...

In 1121 Arslankhan ordered to move to a mosque near to Minaret Kalyan. The architects have erected a mosque masterfully and harmoniously.

Kalyan Mosque has 7 entrances, once entered you can enjoy the originality and clarity of spatial solutions. The main entrance to the mosque is from east. There are several steps which will bring you to the yard of mosque. Following steps you can see the arches and mikhrab niche, which is turned towards Mekka. From the both sides it is likely guarded by two blue domes. The yard is surrounded by galleries, which consist of 288 domes.

The walls of the mosque are decorated by ornaments and mosaics. The words from Koran, the holy book of Muslims are written in gold emblazonment. The artistic decoration of the mosque can be compared to madrasah of Ulugbek that also keeps the traditions of the Timurid era.

As we can see Kalyan Mosque is original and beautiful architectural composition of Bukhara, on its size it is second grand mosque after the Bibi-Hanum (Samarkand) in Central Asia. The area of ??the mosque is one hectare.

Nowadays Kalyan Mosque is cathedral mosque of Bukhara. People pray only on Fridays and during holidays.