Sacred spring Chashma (Nurata)

Sacred spring Chashma (Nurata)

According to a legend 40 thousand years ago a lightning meteorite fell in this place. As a result of falling of a heaven object was formed a crater and there appeared a sacred source, its water possesses health-giving property.

Water temperature in a sacred Nurata source is stable 19, 5 degrees. In water, according to studying of scientists were revealed 15 microelements, particularly: gold, silver, bromine, iodine. Because of presence of silver in water it doesn't spoil even during a long storage. Bromine in turn creates soothing action and favorably influences a human body against diseases of nervous system; also it treats a gastrointestinal tract.

Throughout all Chashma complex proceeds water from the spring on aryk whereis found a lot fish marinka( a fish related totrout family which usually live in a pure cold mountain streams). In this area marinka was called «karabalik» thatmeans «black fish». Marinka is considered as a sacred and according to the legend it can't be eaten. The one, who will eat it, will be covered by white spots andcan even die. The peritoneum of marinka is covered within by a black film which is poisonous.

Sacred spring Chashma

There is a well BeshPanja (in translation "a palm") next to the source , its depth about 6 m. Water of the source joins "Chashma".