A mysterious town called Nurata is situated in the Navoiy region. The town does not have a big population, which amounts to only 28 200 people; however, it attracts numerous tourists from around the world due to its holy places. They are Chilustun mosque and Kukgumbaz mosque, as well as a source of healing holy water "Chashma", where, according to the legend, the sacred fish is found, while the water is able to give strength and health.

Also, there is another historic landmark in Nurata – a fortification called Nur, which was built by the orders of the famous conqueror Alexander the Great in 327 BC. Alexander the Great in his time also ordered to build a unique construction: underground water supply “Kariz” not far from Nurata, which partially works today.

All of these historical places keep a piece of the past, in which sometimes we are so eager to plunge, while the sacred spring would give some strength and cure from many ailments.