Djanbas-Kala fortress

Djanbas-Kala fortress

Djanbas-Kala fortress is located in the 4th km from settlement Kukcha in Elikkalinsk region of Karakalpakstan. In translation from Turkic the name of the fortress means «an inclined fortress».

The fortress is represented in the form of bright and seizing ruins with a view on an old canal the river Amu Darya. Djanbas-Kala fortress is a square, its sizes are 200 and 170 meters and it is the four corners of the earth are well oriented by its corners. The fortress, as well as many others refer to the early antique period, it was created in the IVth century B.C. and had been functioning till the Ist century A.D..

Fortress walls well remained and in some places reach 20 meters of height. Besides that, also remained monumental gates.

Djanbas-Kala fortress

Djanbas-Kala is distinguished among many others fortresses with a lack of towers on external walls. However and without towers, the fortress was a under good protection. Double walls had internal corridors at two levels, archers had a possibility to shoot from there and on the external surface were founded thousands of loopholes.

A typical feature of this fortress was a presence of embrasures which were located in top galleries of the wall.

An archer could shoot through loopholes with a help of embrasures at a whole bottom territory along walls which were located under three different corners.

There is a street with inhabited quarters on the southeastern direction from the main gate. It leads to the top point of the city, a monumental building which is located there is approximately a Temple of fire.