Remarkable Sights of Karakalpakstan are mostly located in the capital of the region – Nukus. The city itself is relatively young, only 80 years old. Hence, if we turn to the history, it is worth to notice that from the III century BC to IV century AD there was a city called Shurci, which was a part of the Khwarezm state.

It is worthwhile to view the most notable constructions of Karakalpakstan which are the following:

  • The State Museum named after Savitsky: Halls of the museum are divided into thematic departments, ranging from ancient times to the present days. There are a number of items related to Zoroastrianism religion. Also, a collection of Russian avant-garde paintings of the beginning of XX century has a special value for the museum;

  • Ruins of the fortress Gyur Kala: They are located near the town of Khodjeyli. The fortress dated to IV century BC - IV century AD;

  • Muinak: In present days it is called tragedy town. Once it was a flourishing center of Karakalpakstan, located on the shores of the Aral Sea, but now it is a deserted place with the remains of ships and tragic reminder of former life of Muinak.

  • The Ustyurt Plateau: Basically, tourists and wildlife enthusiasts have a particular interest in Ustyurt Plateau, a deserted place between the mountains. This place gets an unprecedented beauty during sunset when the white rocks are painted in crimson hue. Ustyurt Plateau is a favorite habitat for birds of prey, vultures, and eagles. There, you also can see the mountain saiga.

Of course it is not all the beauty of this region, and in spite of the tragic history of Karakalpakstan, there are many things worth to see, learn, and admire.