Khanaka Kyrk-kyz

Khanaka Kyrk-kyz

Kyrk-Kyz in translation means «forty women». Scientists didn't define exactly the date of construction of khanaka Kyrk-Kyz, approximately dating from the VIth to the XIth centuries. The building was in the western part of Termez and was in the form of a square (54x54 m), with big towers in the corners.

In ours times ruins of Kyrk-Kyz are surrounded with fields and remind a castle. However, the first impression is wrong. There is a distinct planning inside of the construction. The main hall was used for dervish`s ecstatic rituals. Suite of entrance rooms divides the construction into 4 independent blocks.

Two northern ones have five rooms.

Khanaka Kyrk-kyz

The second block is presented by two rooms and a refectory. Fragments of tandoor and hearths for cooking were found at excavation there. Rooms of the construction are decorated with two flowers.

They were overlapping by arches and domes of different configurations.

Khanaka Kyrk-kyz foto

Khanaka was erected from a clay mud brick and an adobe. A building interior is decorated in a very simple way.

Buddhist monasteries were found by archeologists around Termez city in Surhandarya region. Once they were attracting many pilgrims, various inscriptions say about that, created by the letter to Brahmi and Kharoshti.