The Minaret of Jarkurgan

The Minaret of Jarkurgan

Jarkurgan minaret is located in 60 km from Termez, in the kishlak Minor of Jarkurgan region.

The minaret dated to a considerable cathedral mosque which was laid out from a burnt brick. The minaret placed separately from the mosque, it is possible to predetermine it by a drawing and by absence of conjunction traces. It was high enough, it had a second link which was obviously finished by a lamp.

Now the minaret lost its primary height. However, despite that a goffered shape of a trunk body distinguishes it: 16 close semi-columns are formed on a considerable octahedral socle and are incorporated in the top part by a horizontal belt of an epigraphic ornament.

A rich decorative effect of construction makes an impression of softness and easiness. It creates drawing of a "fir-tree" figured bricklaying. A squared burnt brick on ganch liquid was used at the construction.

Today the height of a minaret is 21,6 m, diameter – 4,1 m, in the basis over a socle - about 5,4 m. The architectural monument was measured and studied in 1927 by B. N. Zasypkin. The monument was strengthened in 1948 under the supervision of V. P. Petrov.

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