Margilan is a city in the Fergana Valley which is located not far from the Ferghana itself, one of the oldest cities. It's no secret that most of the cities of Central Asia are located on the Great Silk Road, whose routes are huge cobwebs stretched to the east. Therefore, it is not surprising that Margilan was one of the ancient centers for the production of silk fabrics. It is still debatable whether Alexander of Macedon was in Fergana or not, but in Margilan there are many legends about Iskandar Dvurog (as in Central Asia they called Alexander the Great).

Some legends even attribute the name of the city to this commander, who allegedly tasted a local dish with a consonant name, and named the city Margilan. Among the attractions of this ancient and beautiful city is the Chakar mosque, which was erected on the site of an even more ancient structure, from which some elements of the structure were preserved. The brightness of the ornament that adorns the aivan (ceiling) of the prayer hall impresses with its variety.

Also, the Pir-Siddiq complex with dovecote is incredibly interesting, whose history is built on an ancient legend describing the formation of this place. The mosque of Hanakoh with tall minarets, in the walls of which there are several yards. Everything is built with the scale and brightness of colors inherent in the Eastern architecture. In tsarist times Kok-Mazar, a burial site surrounded by a high crenellated wall and towers of Gothic character at the entrance, was considered a symbol of Margilan.

Historians continue to argue over the certainty of certain events and legends, but due to this, Margilan becomes more interesting for tourists. After all, everyone in the shower dreams to unravel at least some mystery of the East during his journey.

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