The mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar (Saint Daniel)

The mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar (Saint Daniel)

Khodja Daniyar (St. Daniel) tomb is settled in North side of Afrosiab, next to a medical spring which is according to a legend was a missionary of Islam in this part of the world.

Three different religious sources tell us about prophet Daniyar. The book of its prophecies consists of 14 heads. According to one of the legends Amir Timur delivered a hand of dead Khodja Daniyar to Central Asia, and when he was passing Samarkand his horse stopped on a place where was founded the basis of a prophet Daniyar`s tomb.

Khodja Daniyar

Reconstruction of the mausoleum was made in the 20th century. Water from a medicinal spring, which flows near the mausoleum, was shined in 1996 by Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexis II. Next to the tomb there is a dried-up pistachio tree which suddenly revived again. Usually people fasten ribbons on its branches, and I think of desires which surely come true.

The mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar

The mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar (Saint Daniel) is the crypt which length is about 18 meters. On one of the legends tells that the crypt constantly increases. To this mausoleum always there come pilgrims from all over the world. This mausoleum is object of pilgrimage both locals and foreigners.

Khodja Daniyar. Samarkand

Water in a spring is very tasty. According to the tradition everyone who heads to the mausoleum, drinks water from a sacred spring, and washes open places of a body. People say that water cures not only a body but also a soul. People from all Central Asia come to this place for water. The district where the mausoleum of Hoji Daniyar is placed attracts with the tranquility and beauty. In spring and in summer everything blossoms, and down the River Siab which is in several meters from a medical spring, float fine swans.