Mausoleums of Khoja Abdi Darunee and Khoja Abdi Berun

Mausoleums of Khoja Abdi Darunee and Khoja Abdi Berun

On the suburb of Samarkand there is an ancient cemetery and Khoja Abdi Darunee ensemble, «darunee» designates "internal" and says that his grave is placed in a city wall of Samarkand.

At the beginning of ensemble there is a tomb with a small tent dome, lifted over ashes of the great-grandson of caliph Osman by name of Abd-al Mazeddin, or Khoja Abdi who lived in the IXth century. In the XIIth century over a place of burial was constructed a dome building.

Today the mausoleum is a complex of structures. They are grouped round a yard with house in the center. On the northern part inhabited hujras are settled down, and in the west are ayvan mosques. There is an ensemble in the south with tombs, as a basis, which were attached to portal dome building of ziarathona which refers to the beginning of the XV century. In the building it is possible to see the tile panel with mosaic medallions and mihrab. The picturesque complex is framed with greens. It is reflected in hauz`s waters and by that amazes by harmonious integrity of scale, color and forms of constructions and a landscape. Pilgrims from all over the world go there to pray and tell about the problems.

Beyond borders of a medieval city wall of Samarkand Khoja Abdi Berun ensemble settles down, «berun» means "external". In the IX century Abdi Darunee 's son was buried there, he was a judge, he was respected for justice and literacy. Abdi Berun is considered as a one of the big hazira, complexes of Central Asia. It consists from tekke and a funeral court yard. Tekke is presented in portal and dome composition with the main hall opened by apertures outside. In angular foundations there are ladders and jujras. Facades are decorated with a brick mosaic. The land crypt (dakhma) is revetted with marble and located in a court yard fenced with a brick fence.

At the tomb of Sheikh Khoja Abdi Berun was also dug out a pond (hauz), and round it trees are planted. However, the sizes of a pond and age of trees essentially less than big hauz and centuries-old plane trees which surround a grave of a father of Abdi Berun – Sheikh Abdi Darunee.