Former residence of Prince Romanov in Tashkent

Former residence of Prince Romanov in Tashkent

Former residence of Prince Nikolay Konstantinovicha Romanov (1850-1917) is located in Tashkent which in 1881 was banished in Turkestan for extraction of jewels.

The residence building has been constructed in 1891 under the project of two architects V.S.Getselman and A.L.Benua. The graceful brick house is in the center Tashkent near to Amir Timur's square.

The palace had basements specially equipped for habitation. It was always cool there. Also in the cellar settled down a wide kitchen. To the building round towers were joined which look very harmoniously. A well known Tashkent botanist and pharmacist I.I.Krauze laid out a garden next to the palace. On both sides of the entrance ladder of the building, on marble socles bronze lay deer with big branchy horns.

Apartments of the grand duke were in the left wing of the palace; in the right wing were apartments of his wife.

After 1917 in the palace the museum was created. In January, 1918 Prince Nikolay Romanov has died of a transient pneumonia. Before his death he presented a palace to Tashkent city on conditions that in the future museum will be based.

Former residence of Prince Romanov in Tashkent

In 1919 there was created Art Museum. The collection of pictures of the European and Russian paintings of the grand duke became a basis of this museum.

Since 1940 to 1970-th the building of the former residence became Republican palace of pioneers, the museum of antiques and jeweler art of Uzbekistan.

Today the building of a palace of Prince Nikolay Romanov is used as the House of receptions of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Republic Uzbekistan.