Tashkent Chimes

Tashkent Chimes

Tashkent Chimes are for many decades have been the symbol of Tashkent city. They are located in the center of the capital around next to the city administration building and have been erected in the memory of soldiers who were perished during World War II. Chimes are time coordinator of post-war life.

Then in the war died 435 thousand soldiers from Uzbekistan. Each 15 minutes chimes with strike, counting new life time in peace. Time goes, but the feat of the soldier which have given life for the future, forever remains in memory of townsmen.

And as eternal memory to the soldiers who were killed in battles, Tashkent Chimes were constructed in 1947 and started to work on 30th April 1947. The architectural department of the city held a competition on the project of a building for hours. As a result was defined the best project of the Tashkent Chimes.

The mechanism of a striking clock has been delivered from coast of Baltic suburbs of Konigsberg, the former center of East Prussia. This design was brought to Tashkent by the native of a hereditary family of watch-makers Alexander Ajzenshtejn.

A.A.Muhamedshin was the architect of this 30-meter monumental construction and the chief engineer was V.Levchenko. Painting and decorating of a building of chimes was carried out with the assistance of the known carver on ganch (crude alabaster) the honorary member of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Shirin Muradova.

In 2009 were carried out reconstruction of a monument and to the 2200 anniversary of Tashkent, nearby with an old chimes the identical tower, and with the chimes were erected. They settle down near to the Palace of forums "Uzbekistan".

Today this ensemble from two chiming clocks looks harmoniously and admires inhabitants and visitors of capital with the originality.