Amir Timur Square

Amir Timur Square

In the center of the capital located Amir Timur Square. This square was created under the decree of the governor-general M.G.Chernyaev in the end of a XIX-th century and initially carried the name Konstantinovskiy.

Today in the center of the Amir Timur Square towers in a majestic pose the outstanding politician and the commander of the middle Ages-Amir Timur. On a pedestal in four languages can be seen the inscription: Ā«Force in justiceĀ».

The lay-out of square of Amir Timur is presented in radial-ring system, 8 avenues in the park give a way to 8 streets representing a fan disperse from the monument which are crossed with ring streets of the city.

Square various buildings, for example, such as hotel "Uzbekistan", the State museum Timurid`s history surround buildings of University of Law and a chiming clock.

Amir Timur square was reconstructed in 2009. In the territory of the updated square was created other green zone. The territory which surrounds square also was changed. So the road in front of Institute of Law was extended and instead of hotel "Poytaht" the office building was erected. Due to changes the square became lighter and more modern.

Amir Timur Square foto

In 2009 the square`s neighborhood was built the Palace of forums "Uzbekistan". Nowadays various large-scale actions are held. The palace is one of the largest and beautiful constructions in Tashkent.

Its area comprises more than 9,5 thousand in sq. m. There are 3: one of them on 2200 and two on 300 places. The building is fixed by marble and glass. The palace facade is decorated by a colonnade, and tops a building the big dome, its height of 48 meters, the palace is decorated the sculpture of storks.