Complex Zangi-Ota

Complex Zangi-Ota

The complex of Zangi-Ota is in the settlement of Zangi-Ota which is located near to Tashkent. The monument plays considerable historical and art value.

The ensemble was erected after a burial place living in the end XII - first half XIII sheikh Ay-Hodja by a nickname of Zangi-Ota that is translated as "black".

Timur has started erection of ensemble. He has constructed the mausoleums of known sacred Zengi-aty and his wife the Ambar-bibi. This ensemble includes three territories, namely: the big garden, a complex of constructions XIV-XIX centuries is a mosque, madrassah, a minaret, and also the mausoleum Ambar-bibi.

Getting to the ensemble is possible through door room which is presented in the form of portal-domical constructions with turrets on corners. Darvaza is small in sizes, the premise is inside blocked by the arch «balhi». In order to get to the second court yard it is necessary to pass avenue which comes to the end in the door room.

From South side of the avenue is taking place considerable pool, and in the southwest party there is a namazgoh type mosque. The portal of the mausoleum of Zangi-Ota looks in the southern corner of a court yard, its case is in cemetery territory. The court yard on perimeter is surrounded by hudjras. There two entries in the yard.

In 1914-1915 in front of the mosque was constructed an original minaret-tower. From south the ancient cemetery adjoins to an architectural complex. Next to the southern input the planted trees and shrubs lies footpath leading to the mausoleum the Ambar-bibi.