The Tashkent zoo

The Tashkent zoo

The Tashkent zoo was formed in 1924 on the basis of a small menagerie which was at the art museum in a territory of the former country summer residence of a general-governor. At that time the area of the zoo was about 3 hectares. In the late forties the zoo exposition included about 200 kinds of animals.

The Tashkent zoo participated in association of the network of zoos of Central Asia and Kazakhstan: Ashkhabad, Termez, Dushanbe and Almaty.

In 1997 to the Independence Day of Uzbekistan a new zoo which settled down near to the Botanical garden started to operate. The area of this zoo is 22, 7 hectares. Since 1998 the Tashkent zoo became a member EARAZA (Euro-Asian regional association of zoos and aquariums). By 2004 in the zoo were 349 kinds of animals.

Today in the zoo live 58 kinds of mammals, 74 kinds of birds, 26 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, also 191 kinds of fish.

There is a new sea aqua systems located in the department named "Aquarium" in the zoo. They are created by an artificial way and there live sea animals as: sharks, morays etc.

Employees of the zoo pay huge attention to terrariums, premises for primacies, to aquariums. In these places are put rare plants, also corners with tropical and interesting succulent flora are formed.

 The Tashkent zoo

The Tashkent zoo specializes on cultivation of prey birds, such as: a white-headed vulture, a black vulture, a condor. Considerable scientific work is conducted on cultivation of rare and vanishing species of animals.

There is a veterinary clinic which is observing a state of health of all animals in the zoo. Inspections, treatment, and also operating of animals are carried out.

In the territory of the zoo visitors can use services of the tram bus. Also it is possible to enjoy horse-drawn vehicle. Besides, visitors can be photographed on camels, with young lions, tigers and other animals.