The Mausoleum of Sheikh Zainuddin Bobo

The Mausoleum of Sheikh Zainuddin Bobo

Sheikh Zainuddin Bobo is the son of afounder of Sufi Order Sukhravardiya of Sheikh Ziyaad-din Djakhima Sukhravardi. He was sent to these places by his father as missioner to expand Order. Sheikh Zainuddin Bobo was buried in the settlement Arifon behind Kukcha gate.

The mausoleum is in Kukcha districtin Tashkent. In the mausoleum of Sheikh Zainuddin are placed burials of the sheikh and his followers. A building of the mausoleum was erected some centuries later after Zainudin's death, in the XVIth century.

Monument is ranked to an image of mausoleums-hanaka. The main entrance is allocated by peshtok.

Double sphero-conical dome bars the way to a hall. An external dome towers on a high drum. The name of the master - Mir-Sharab Abdu-Muminogliis hewed on the entrance door of a building.

Next to the mausoleum is located chillahona (an underground cell) which was constructed in the XII-XIII centuries.

The mausoleum is well remained up to now. Even a lead half moon on a dome is real, and belongs to the period of its construction. Also such things as: jugs, majolica fragments, remain of old gravestones and wooden carving, which are inside-original.