Remarkable Sights of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with rich historical past. The territory of Uzbekistan during various times was inhabited by people of different cultures and peoples. It was a part of the USSR and Czarist Russia, including the territory of several great khanates. Also, the country was a part of the Great Silk Road and a powerful country of the medieval East: Mawarannahr. Therefore, Uzbekistan incorporates an impressive number of cultural monuments of different times and eras.

In Samarkand city such attractions as architectural complex of Registan Square can be found, where ancient buildings of 14-15 centuries are towering. Similar constructions can be seen in the capital of Uzbekistan, one of them is Kukeldash madrasah. In the South-West of the country it is worth to visit the historical pearl of Uzbekistan, city-monument called Khiva. The diversity of architecture in Khiva city includes many ancient madrasahs, caravanserais, mosques, towers, and other structures. Luxury ancient madrasahs, minarets, fortresses, and mausoleums can also be observed in Bukhara city.

Moreover, Uzbekistan is famous for its modern sightseeing. This includes the underground, where each station has a unique architectural design, TV Tower that is considered to be one of the highest towers in the world; and modern mosques which can accommodate thousands of people.

And what is more, Uzbekistan always wins foreign visitors’ hearts with national markets: bazaars. Most of the markets are still filled with the spirit of the East and have kept many Eastern traditions. Therefore, markets like Chor-Su are considered to be remarkable sights of Uzbekistan by right.