Uzbek Pilov

The main dish in Uzbek cuisine is Pilov. This dish is always on the table for all solemn occasion, it serve for guests on the anniversary, and wedding events. Pilov prepare in many Eastern countries. There are many legends telling about the health and nutritional features of pilov. According to Uzbek pilov called "osh palov" In the old days it also was the main dish, and in some houses eat it every day. Poor people also enjoyed the pilov, but only on holidays. It is believed that true festive pilov could make only men. Often in the teahouses (cafes) are contest for the preparation of this dish.

In the Uzbek cuisine there are more than fifty varieties of pilov: meat, chicken, steamed mutton fat-tailed and fat, with peas, with quince, raisins, and potatoes. In X - XII century appear the recipe of pilov with partridge, which is prepared still nowadays. Many recipes of pilov for about a thousand years.

Uzbek Pilov

The Cook defines full readiness of dish, striking the boiler skimmer. If the pilov is not ready you will hear a hissing sound, if it is ready –you will hear clunk. To the table pilov served in lagans - a large ceramic or porcelain dishes. In the old days during the wedding pilov was allowed to guests in bread (lepeshki).

In Uzbekistan, by the tradition pilov mostly eat for dinner. Salads of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, radishes and onions always complement this dish. This vegetable helps to better assimilate this quite greasy dish. Of course, it is impossible to imagine pilov without tea. In Tashkent, people prefer to drink black tea, and in other regions of the country give preference to green tea. And to the tea, the hostess will give a crystalline sugar Navad and various sweets.

If you want to know better the Uzbek people and Uzbek traditions, it should be better just enjoy main dish of Uzbek cuisine – pilov!