"Thousand and One Nights of Uzbekistan"

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Tourism to Uzbekistan

Today Uzbekistan is not only a sunny state located in Central Asia but also a glaring example of the country, that underwent significant changes after proclaiming its independence. Today it stands out with up to date infrastructure and cities, proud of Uzbek architects. Nevertheless, Uzbekistan didn`t lose great heritage of ancestors and historical values.

There are so many reasons to visit Uzbekistan, obviously, culturally-educational area is the most popular one. The main objective of the visit is site tours around attractions of cities in Uzbekistan. Such as visiting temples and mosques, places of a pilgrimage of many believers and national pride madrasah. Observe ancient structures which remained since the Buddhism and such historical states as Khorezm, Bactria and Sogdiana. Closely familiarize yourself with the history of the modern country which in the past was closely bound with stories of neighboring countries.

One more exciting and "tasty" occasion to visit Uzbekistan is gourmet tourism. Pilaf, popular meal in Uzbekistan is included in cultural heritage of UNESCO. There are thousands of ways of cooking pilaf with a unique technique which varies from region to region of Uzbekistan and master who is cooking. The cuisine of Uzbekistan dazzles not only with variation of tastes, but also with beauty of meals besides pilaf. It worth to note pastries, sweets with hundred years’ recipe, meat, wheat dishes and, separately, try dish Sumalak an traditional delicacy of the spring holiday “Navruz”.

Preliminary preparation for holidays, planning of a trip and a responsible approach to your trip is one of the main tasks of a tourist. Our team with pleasure will help you to organize this memorable tour. The «Atlanta-Travel» with experienced and professional officers offers best service in the industry. We will assist you in choosing the right hotel, to book and buy tickets and to organize cozy transportation across Uzbekistan. We are also able to provide an individual tour to Uzbekistan. Our guides who know everything about Uzbekistan will open a new vision to the country. The museums, theaters, shopping, restaurants and many other sights are also waiting in the tour that will remain in your memory for the rest of life

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