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Fishing tour


Rainbow trout fishing tour


Place of fishing:Republic of Uzbekistan, Ugam-Chatkal national park, Kok su river.
Kind of fish:rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss);
Best season:May - October;
Mean of transportation:horseback riding/trekking;
Total distance of active part of tour:42 km
Fishing tour highlights:
Offered fishing tour is a unique one on a scale of the Republic of Uzbekistan. You will get a great pleasure of trout fishing in natural mountain conditions. And also you will enjoy nature landscape and memorials during the horseback trip to the place of fishing. Trout is a predatory fish, and that’s why we offer you as an amateur method of fishing by rod, as a sports one – by spinning on artificial baits. Fisher master will show you the place of fishing, and if necessary will carry out the training. Tent camp will be set up in one of the most pictorial place on the river bank. Our cook will offer you several kinds of fish cooking. In the evening near the bonfire you will have time to exchange your impressions after fishing.
About fish
Rainbow trout isn’t an aboriginal Asian fish. Its motherland is America. The resident kind of steel-head salmon, inhabiting in North America, is found a wide spreading and is settled on many regions. In Uzbekistan in 1978-1984 it was seeded in Charvak reservoir, where it settled down and has become to be caught in takes. It’s inhabited in the reservoir and inflowing in it rivers.
Big fish, full-grown fish (adult) can be 40-50 sm long, body mass can be 1.5-2.5 kg. The specients were 80 sm long, mass - 5 kg. It uses animal plankton, mayfly, stone fly, chironomids’ grubs, flying insects, other water invertebrates for food. Big trouts are predatory.
Something about the fishing:
Any fisher catching rainbow trout anytime, confirms you that this fish is famous its struggle during fishing out it on bank. Yes, it is real fighter! Rainbow trout is possibly the most dynamic resistant salmon fish. Caught rainbow trout is up to do many tricks: quickly floats away down the river, motionlessly stiffens at the bottom, stays too long at underwater obstacles, goes into interlacement of submerged trees and roots, shakes its head from side to side. In addition rainbow trout often and high skips. The method of resistance of rainbow trout strikingly confirms suppose that this fish during its catching spends more time in air, than in water.
1 day:
05:00           - departure from Tashkent;
07:00           - arrival to the mountain village Yakkatut (106 km, 2 h, 1000 m);
07:00-09:00 - packing of personal stuff in travel bags;
09:00           - departure from Yakkatut village to Kok-su River;
09:00-15:00 - horseback riding/trekking to a place of fishing (camp place called "Jump of a
                       snow leopard", 17 km, 5-6 h, 1390 m);
15:00-16:00 - lunch;
16:00-17:00 - set up a tent camp;
17:00-20:00 - fishing training course with an instructor-fisherman;
20:00-21:00 – dinner round the fire place;
21:00-23:00 – overnight in the tent camp.

2 day:
07:00-08:00 - breakfast;
08:30-13:00 - fishing;
13:00-14:00 - lunch;
14:00-17:00 - rest after lunch;
17:00-20:00 - fishing;
20:00-21:00 – dinner round the fire place;
21:00-22:00 - overnight in the tent camp.  

3 day:
06:00-06:30 - breakfast;
06:30-12:00 - fishing;
12:00-13:00 - lunch;
13:00-17:00 - rest after lunch;
17:00-20:00 - fishing;
20:00-21:00 – dinner round the fire place;
21:00-22:00 - overnight in the tent camp.  

4 day:
06:00-07:00 - breakfast;
07:00:09:00 - packing of the camp outfit;
09:00-15:00 - return horseback riding/trekking to Yakkatut mountain village;
16:00 - departure to Tashkent;
18:00 - arrival to Tashkent.
Price include:
· FB meal in accordance to the program (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
· rent of camping outfit and special equipment (tents, sleeping bags and rugs, first aid kit, etc);
· rent of horses for carrying of camping outfit and meal;
· service of mountain guide/translator/cook/drover;
· Ugam-Chatcal National Park’s ecological fees;
· special permit to the closed nature territory;
· registration in OVIR.
Price doesn’t include:
· transfer Tashkent- Yakkatut mountain settlement -Tashkent;
*price of transfer depends from quantity of fishermen.
Information for tour participants
Necessary clothes and stuff:
1. trekking boots;
2. fishing suit or tracksuit of dark colors;
3. thermo underwear or warm underwear (spring/autumn season);
4. wool socks;
5. slippers for walking in camp;
6. sweater (spring/autumn season);
7. cap;
8. raincoat-jacket;
9. head lamp;
10. penknife;
11. private first-aid set;
12. lip care stick;
13. toilet set;
14. passport.
Important note!
1. The itinerary of the tour passes through the nature reserve where the special permit is demanded.
2. The documents for the special permit should be submitted 5 working days before the beginning of the tour.
3. The documents can be submitted only in case of 100% prepayment for the tour service.
4. The following documents are required:
·  scanned copy of the first page of the passport;
·  fixed address of the residence;
·  occupation.
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