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Urungach mountain lakes

Urungach mountain lakes

The majestic beauty of the lakes and surrounding it mountains let the travelers to enjoy by silence and contemplation of nature. There are a possibility to see a lot of  snowdrops along the path during spring time in April.
Trekking tour on river

Trekking tour on river

We invite You to make a fascinating trip within Ugam-Chatkal National Park along the mountain river Koksu. The wildness of the gorge, rocks steeply breaking from 1.5 km altitude to the bottom of a grandiose canyon cause undisguised admiration.
Source of Paltau-say

Source of Paltau-say

Following the route goes in a canyon to Paltau waterfall, which is overthrowing from 38 meters height. At hot summer the water dust of the waterfall will relax and renew your strength. 
Zaamin National Park

Zaamin National Park

During the tour around Zaamin National Park you will take pleasure in contemplation of the majestic nature and greatly enjoy the cleanest mountain air.
Hiking to the mountain

Hiking to the mountain

This one day hiking tour is a unique possibility for the beginners to try themselves on the not complicated ascent to the peak of the mountain Patandazboshi.
Fishing tour

Fishing tour

Offered fishing tour is a unique one on a scale of the Republic of Uzbekistan. You will get a great pleasure of trout fishing in natural mountain conditions. And also you will enjoy nature landscape and memorials during the horseback trip to the place of fishing.
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