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Tours to Tashkent

Tours to Tashkent

Tours to Tashkent: Greatness of East in the modern megalopolis.

Tashkent is a pearl of Uzbekistan, the city with centuries-old history and one of the finest cities of Central Asia. After ordering tours to Tashkent, you have an opportunity to enjoy magnificent culture of East in a combination to modern elegance which fills this surprising city. Historical monuments of architecture and examples of modern architecture are included into sights of Tashkent.
Here ideally combined medieval creation of East is, it is possible to observe them in the old town, examples of the European architecture of the 19-th century, remained after Turkestan government and modern skyscrapers from glass and concrete.

Travel to Tashkent

Why to order tours to Tashkent in our company? We will choose you a hotel according to your wishes, we will organize for you the most convenient excursions and we will show you the city in all its beauty. With us you will witness such famous places as: Sheikh Zaynutdin-bobo Mausoleum, a site of ancient settlement Mingorik, Tashkent underground and many others.
After choosing one of the presented tours, you will find yourself in the eastern fairy tale where you will be able to choose scene of action.
In the city very developed system of public transport – minibuses, trams, buses and taxi will deliver you in any point of the city for a very short period of time. Also, there have been operating one more magnificent sight – Tashkent underground since 1977. The underground was the first and until recently the only in Central Asia, and the first and the oldest line is Chilonzor. Stations of the Tashkent underground are included into the five of the most beautiful, among all undergrounds in CIS.
After you order tour to Tashkent, you will get acquainted with this fine mean of transport and will be able to see magnificence of all 29 stations.
Travel to Tashkent
One more celebrity of Tashkent which attracts tourists attention the television tower. The TV tower as it is called by locals is the highest structure in Central Asia, and it is on the 10th place by height in the world. Its height comprises 375 meters, construction of the tower completed in 1981 and it is capable to sustain 9 point earthquake according to the Richter scale. At the 105 meters height, approximately at level of the eighth floor. There is a covered observation point is available to visits at the 100 meters height.
Well and at last, Tashkent international airport, the largest airport in Uzbekistan. Despite the purpose of your arrival to Uzbekistan your tour will start with Tashkent airport. The airport is located within the city and it is an advantage it as well as safety comfort and convenience.
When you order our tour to Tashkent you choose safe flight along with "Uzbekistan Airways", the company which conducts one of the safest flights in Central Asia!

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