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Tours to Samarkand

Tours to Samarkand

Tours to Samarkand: Greatness of Tamerlane`s capital.


Samarkand is a city, which age equals to centuries, the age-mate of Rome. The city of legends stores the spirit of centuries. It is not surprising that it holds one of the leading positions.
Samarkand is called "Eden of East", it appeared in the VII-th in B.C. and it is one of the few cities on the earth that preserved historical look and value. Afrosiab and Marakanda are also its names. During its existence Samarkand witnessed many paritel and conquerors such as: Alexander the Great and Chingiz Khan, Babur the governor of Fergana and many others. The Great Tamerlane made Samarkand the capital of his empire, and during the reign of his grandson Ulugbek, Samarkand was a scientific and a cultural center of almost all Central Asia.
Once, the Great Silk Road passed through Samarkand that left its mark in the history of the city.
Trade roads leaded to West - Persia, and East - China and to South - India intertwined here and formed a special atmosphere of this city. As no other city Samarkand endured ups and downs and became more beautiful because of that. When you order tours to Samarkand, you will have a rare possibility to feel greatness of time and to admire true historical property.

Travel to Samarkand

Nowadays Samarkand is a multinational city, which distinguishes with friendliness and hospitality.
Thanks to abundance of material and cultural wealth the city is included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage of all mankind.
Unique monuments of antiquity, heritage of scientific and art schools, centers of national crafts which are available in the ancient city are famous around the world.
As well as a set of other historical cities, Samarkand is divided into two parts - an old and a new city.
There are schools, hospitals, hotels – all industrial artery of Samarkand settle down in the territory of a new city.

Samarkand History 

Samarkand - one of the oldest cities of the world, that is 2750 years old. The picturesque valley of Zarafshan river is the magnificent location of this splendid city, surrounded by Pamir-Alay Mountains.
Samarkand is inhabited by 500 000 people and more than hundred nationalities among them.
Samarkand is the second city in Uzbekistan according to its population and square.

Active architectural construction began blossoming here dating by the last quarter of the 14-th century.
That time exactly mausoleums for Amir Temur and his family, for his commanders and magnates were erected in the city.

Samarkand is the only city In Central Asia that faced multiple stormy battles and revolutions. The shining wealth and majesty of Tamerlan’s capital charmed and mystify insatiable eyes of feudal conquerors.

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