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Gurvak - symbols of Khorezm melons

In August, 8, on Kuhna Ark square of state museum-reserve named Ichan Kala the festival under the name "Guvrak is the symbol of Khoresm's melons was held.
The main goal of fair-festival was the populization of melons as special kind of agriculture among the foreign tourists and also among people living in our country.
Even long time ago Khoresm region was well-known as the place where the most of all the sweetest and well-known types of melons were grown. Big variety of winter melons such as Ala-khamma, Ak-kosh, Shakar-para and not less juicy than these types is Khoresm's Ak-Novvat, also the type of melons named Torlama let nobody be indefferent to it, but the special fame to Khoresm was brought by the type undee the name Gurvak, and the festival was named exactly after it.

Gurvak - symbols of Khorezm melons
In 14 century the famous traveller Ibn Batuta wrote about Khoresm's melons with exitement: "As in the East and in the West there are no melons equal to Khoresm's melons. It's sliced into pieces, dried under the sun, put in baskets and taken far away in China and India. Among all of the dried fruits there is no better than it". 
Almost 70 farms from 10 regions of Khoresm showed more than 40 types of melons. During the fair-festival there was held a competition named "The sweetest melon." The main goal of participants was to choose seeds, exactly the gurvak seed, but it's not all,they had to choose the most suitable place to put it in and finally to choose the sweetest melon. Also they told about the secrets of slicing melons,identified the type of melon,shared the secret of drying and keeping melon in winter.
Also,that day was held the exhibition of other kinds of agriculture.
The visitors of the fair would see watermelons, pumpkins, apples,peaches, pears, grape, dried fruits as everything what Khoresm is famous for.
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