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10 extraordinary destinations you have probably never heard of

  One of the leading editions of Great Britain The Telegraph has published the rating of “10 extraordinary destinations you have probably never heard of”, compiled by the renown travelers Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare. The pearls of Uzbekistan are in this list. The list of “10 extraordinary destinations you have probably never heard of” shall help those, who wishes to make the most extraordinary trip in his life by walking on virgin roads, and be the places, who never heard about it. 
 the Savitsky Gallery
  Nukus is included in this unique list. This sand-swept, Soviet-built city in northwestern Uzbekistan is understandably not on the typical tourist trail, but behind its unprepossessing exterior lies an absolute gem: the Savitsky Gallery. Known also as the Museum of Forbidden Art, this is the world’s foremost collection of 20th century Russian avant-garde painting and includes important works by Sokolov, Komarovskiy and the Amaravella group. The artworks were collected by the curator of the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art in the 1960s. He acquired banned works from persecuted Soviet artists, often for little or no money, conserving and ultimately displaying them in this remote Central Asian outpost. 
  Among other extraordinary places there is a city Meroe (Sudan), Mashhand city (Iran), Kakheti (Georgia), Kanha tiger reserve in India, Socotra island (Yemen), Zanskar mounts (India), Kamchatka peninsula (Russia) and Cerro de los Siete Colores in Argentina.
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